State of Palestine
Palestine Liberation Organization
March 5, 2015
Palestinian Central Council Statement
Ramallah, 4-5 March 2015
Central Council Statement:
At the end of the session on 5 March 2015, the Central Council issued the following decisions:
1.      Full adherence to Palestinian national constants and inalienable rights:
The Palestinian Central Council herein declares its firm adherence to our national rights, to the declaration of independence and to the right of the State of Palestine to exercise its sovereignty on its land. The Council also affirms that the path of peace, security and stability in Palestine and the Middle East will not be passable without the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on pre-June 1967 borders with East Jerusalem its capital, securing the right of return for refugees pursuant to Resolution 194, the Arab Peace Initiative and the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.
2.     The Central Council calls for the realization of national reconciliation:
The Council affirms the importance of achieving national reconciliation through the full implementation of Cairo Agreement for National Reconciliation and Al-Shati’ Agreement and through the smooth and gradual takeover of Rafah Border Crossing and other international crossing in the Gaza strip by the PA through the Presidential Guard. The Council also invites the Committee of PLO development and Activation to set a date for presidential, legislative and Palestinian National Council elections.
Furthermore, the Central Council affirms that regaining national unity and putting and end to the political split will pave the way for the reconstruction of Gaza and the breaking of the blockade. This requires the existence of a national unity government in the Gaza Strip which will resume its full responsibilities, remove all obstacles and handle the case of employees pursuant to Cairo Agreement.
The Council stresses the importance of reactivating the National Work Committee, in its capacity as the national reference in the Gaza Strip, and its role in implementing the President’s Decree and supporting the Executive Committee and the PA Government. In addition, the Council invites the national concensus government to draw up a comprehensive development plan, find solutions to unemployment and poverty, repair infrastructure, stop the deterioration of health, educational and social services, support farmers and affected institutions and solve water and electricity problems.
3.     The Central Council highlights steadfastness and popular resistance
In light of the serious social and political changes the regions is passing through, the Central Council stresses national steadfastness through national unity and solidarity with the PLO which is the only ways to topple Israeli arrogance and the Israeli government’s denial of Palestinian national rights and its insistence to continue settlement activities and judaize Jerusalem. National steadfastness requires all Palestinians to rise up to their national obligations and refrain from calling for division. In this context, popular resistance adopted by the Central Council in its previous sessions needs a higher degree of unity, participation and coordination in the field among the different national forces and factions in villages, cities and refugee camps with the view of putting an end once and for all to the continuous Israeli settlers’ attacks on our mosques and churches. The tag price settlers must be deterred and the whole world must know that the Palestinian people reject the occupation and settlements and are ready to confront and defy the occupation through popular resistance and defend their land, mosques and churches. The Council stresses the activation the Arab Financial Security Network undertaken by Arab countries.
4.     Our responsibility toward Jerusalem steadfastness
Within the framework of our responsibility toward Jerusalem, the Council calls for the support of our people in the holy city to ensure their steadfastness and resist the judaization and isolation f the city, and confront settlement activities, home demolition and continues attacks on Islamic and Christian places of worship. The Central Council salutes the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and their heroic uprising, instigated by the burning and murder of the child Mohammad Abu Khdeir, against the brutality of the settlers and Israeli occupying forces. Jerusalem has paid a heavy price because of the uprising, which resulted in the injury of hundreds of Palestinian civilians and the death of many. Through this bright picture of resistance our people in Jerusalem proved that Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of the State of Palestine.
In order to strengthen steadfastness and resistance in Jerusalem, the Central Council calls for the unifications of political and national forces in the city and allocate necessary budgets for the preservation of the Arab character of the holy city and the protection of holy places. This also requires taking legal steps and mobilizing national, Arab and international organizations.
Through the Jerusalem Affairs Department the Executive committee will undertake carrying out decisions concerning the protection of Jerusalem and Islamic and Christian holy places in the city. The Council affirms the grave situation in Jerusalem, calls for national action and gives Jerusalem priority in terms of budget allocation and coordinated Arab and international action.
5.     The vision of the Central Council concerning relationship with the occupying force (Israel)
In light of the continuation of the internationally illegal settlement activities, Israel’s intransigence to draw up two-state borders on pre-June 1967 borders and its denial and disrespect of international conventions and agreements, Israel’s refusal to release Palestinian prisoners and escalate attacks against civilians and land in the Gaza Strip, and Israel’s withholding of Palestinian money and its policy of assassination and incursions, and affirming the Central Council’s decision concerning the nature of relationships with Israel and the follow-up of Palestine’s accession to international charters and conventions, and with the view of strengthening relations with Arab and international countries including recognition of the State of Palestine on pre-June 1967 borders and East Jerusalem its eternal capital, and the implementation of Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 in the land of the State of Palestine, the Central Council has decided the following:
a.      To hold Israel, the occupying power, responsible before the Palestinian people as a power occupying the State of Palestine pursuant to international law.
b.     To end all forms of security coordination with Israel as it continues to violate signed agreements.
c.      To affirm that any new decision at the Security Council must include renewal of commitment to international decisions on the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as a time limit for ending the Israeli occupation and enabling the State of Palestine to exercise sovereignty on its 1967 territory including East Jerusalem, and solve the Palestinian refugee problem pursuant to Resolution 194. All this must take place in an international conference and the participation of member states, BRICS countries and Arab countries. The Executive Committee shall work closely with the Arab Committee for that purpose.
d.     To reject the jewishness of the Israeli state and the state with temporary borders, as well as to reject all formulas that will keep Israeli military presence of settlements on any part of the land of Palestine.
e.      The Executive Committee will follow up the work of the Higher National Committee with the ICC in order to prosecute Israeli war criminals involved in the crimes of settlement construction and murder of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. The Executive Committee will also align legislations and regulations to international laws and comply with its obligations resulting from the accession of the State of Palestine to international charters and conventions.
f.       The Central Council reaffirms the continuation of boycotting Israeli goods as a form of popular resistance. It calls on the free people of the world and solidarity with the Palestinian people committees to boycott Israeli goods and withdraw investments as long as Israel continues to exercise racial discrimination against Palestinians and engage in settlement activities. The Council also calls on owners of production enterprises and factories to upgrade the quality of Palestinian products, control prices and shoulder social responsibility toward laborers and poor segments of the Palestinian community as well as comply with international production standards
6. The Central Council Praises the Signing of International Treaties by President Mahmoud Abbas
In light of the current political stalemate and the failure to achieve our minimum political rights through bilateral negotiations, which was used by Israel as a cover to continue its systematic policy of settlement expansion and violations of Palestinian rights as well as waging four unjust wars against our people in the Gaza Strip, the Central Council highly praises the steps taken recently by the Executive Committee and President Mahmoud Abbas in regards to signing international conventions and treaties, including the signing of Rome Statute and joining International Criminal Court. The Central Council calls for further accession of the State of Palestine to all international treaties, conventions, organizations and protocols.
7. The Central Council calls for following up the conditions of Palestinian Refugees in Diaspora
The Central Council has followed closely the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in the diaspora particularly in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The Council assigned the Executive Committee to follow up on the refugees living conditions and political rights with governmental institutions based in these countries , as well as with relevant international organizations and agencies particularly the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
8. The Central Council Condemns the heinous crimes committed by the terrorist ISIS
The Council condemns the heinous crimes committed by ISIS against the Arab nations in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Jordan. The Council expresses its full solidarity with Egypt and its brave leadership, and condemns the slaughtering of Egyptian Copts in Libya, as well as the burning of the Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh. The Council firmly stands against all forms of terrorism, and calls for an Arab solidarity to end this phenomena that is causing our Arab Islamic nation severe damages.
9.The Central Council asserts the necessity to achieve full equality for women
The Central Council asserts the necessity to achieve full equality for women, and to reinforce her participation in all PLO organizations and the State of Palestine institutions, taking into consideration that the percentage of her participation must not be less than 30%.
10. The Central Council salutes the Prisoners' Struggle and Calls for Supporting them
The Central Council salutes the struggle of the Palestinian prisoners, and calls for supporting them in their daily struggle against Israel's continued suppression and harassment in Israeli prisons and detention centers. The Council calls for rallying around their just cause , supporting their struggle and intensifying our efforts to liberate them.
11. The Central Council welcomes the request of the Palestinian National Initiative (Al Moubadara) to join the Palestinian Liberation Organization and fully approves it.
12. The Central Council decides to hold regular meetings once every three months.
The Executive Committee will follow up the implementation of these decisions and will submit its report to the Central Council in its upcoming meeting.
We salute our brave prisoners
Mercy be upon our martyrs
Mercy be upon the martyr of Popular Resistance Ziad Abu Ein
We wish a speedy recovery for our wounded heroes
May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all
Ramallah 5/3/2015